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When not performing with Lazybirds, Shantavaani, or Swing Guitars, Jay Brown still finds some time to play with his other band, The Jay Brown One-Man-Band.  Formed in 2007, The Jay Brown One-Man-Band includes Jay Brown on vocals, guitar, harmonica, and percussion.  In 2010 the band added a new member, Jay Brown, on piano.

An American roots musician, Jay has hundreds of classic songs in his repertoire, as well as another hundred or so originals.  Jay can often be found playing in pubs around Asheville, but he has also studied and performed music across the far reaches of the world, including New Orleans, California, India, Ghana, Peru, and Swannanoa.

Lyric of the Week:

"Cool breeze just makes me hotter
I’m like grease and you’re like water
And you tied up with Mr. Cant’ Get Tied Down
Wind up springin for my Greyhound
Days are dissapearin abra catabra
Soon as you’re gone I’ll wish I had ya
But you tied up with Mr. Can’t Get Tied Down
Wind up singin the blues"

The Lyric of the week is "Wind Up Singin' The Blues" from his In This Life CD. This is the last week of highlighting lyrics from Jay, we hope you have enjoyed his great songwriting capabilities. To go to the complete lyrics page, click here.

Playing now is the untitled hidden song to Jay's CD, "The Jester."

Listen for and request Jay on your favorite radio station, including these:
Pandora: World wide   WETS: Johnson City, TN
WNCW: Spindale, NC   WQNR: Auburn, AL
WDVX: Knoxville, TN   KHNS: Haines, AK
WLRN: Miami, FL    
Jay was recently on WNCW, here are four songs live from their studio:
Listen to 'Soul to Soul'"Soul to Soul" From a Live WNCW recording session
Listen to 'One Man Band' "One Man Band" From a Live WNCW recording session
listen to 'Carmela'"Carmela" From a Live WNCW recording session
listen to 'Dr. Sethi'"Dr. Sethi " From a Live WNCW recording session

"New Lovin' Mother" From "Beginner Mind"
"Get Your Fill of Feelin' Hungry" From "Beginner Mind"
"Rarely Touch the Heart" From "Beginner Mind"
Listen to 'Old Rebels'"Old Rebels" From "Beginner Mind"
"Downward Spiral Blues" From "Soul to Soul"
"Documentation Blues" From "Soul to Soul"
"Broken Wing" From "Soul to Soul"
Listen to 'M.O.M.'"M.O.M." From "Soul to Soul"
Listen to 'Anachronistic Man'"Anachronistic Man" From "The Jester"
Listen to 'Be Here Now' "Be Here Now" From "The Jester"
listen to 'Scarred and Mangled'"Scarred and Mangled" From "The Jester"
Listen to 'Under the Underground' "Under the Underground" From "in this life"
Listen to 'Are You Gonna be the One?' "Are you gonna be the One?" From "in this life"
listen to 'Leaving Winter'"Leaving Winter" From "Live at Eddie's Attic (Unreleased)"
Listen to 'Big Business'"Big Business" From "Protest Songs, Folk Songs & Spirituals"
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